InstantShoutout is a market for Tweets and Retweets.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I buy ?

From Market, you can browse, filter and choose the Twitter accounts you want to send a Tweet or a Retweet with. After providing the needed informations such as your the content of your Tweet or the link of the Tweet you want to Retweet, you pay using PayPal and, if successful, the Tweet or Retweet is automatically sent.

How long before my Tweet or Retweet is sent ?

Once your payment is validated, your Tweet or Retweet is immediately sent.

What does the Activity number mean ?

We regurlaly scan every Twitter account to determine how active they are. The algorithm is secret, but the higher the Activity number is, the more active the Twitter account is.


How do I sell ?

Using Log In With Twitter, you can add your Twitter account. Once you have added every needed informations to your account, such as your Tweet or Retweet price you are automatically added to the Market. We handle sending the Tweets and Retweets for you, just sit back and watch the money pile up.

How do I get paid ?

Everytime a buyer buys a Tweet or a Retweet from your Twitter account, payment is sent to your PayPal address.

What are the fees ?

To provide a quality service and to cover the website's expenses, we take 20% on every orders.

Terms Of Service


What are the fees ?

We take 20% on every order.